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Show Us Your Can/Show Us Your Swag
July Promo

Display your Salon 130 gear while enjoying your favorite Summer activity,

Top Three photos will win  either a  $30 gift certificate, a Davines hair care product or a Farm House Fresh hair care product.

Post your entry at:

#showusyourcan          #showusyourswag

Thank you for your support

ShowMeYourCan Promo3.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo4.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo2.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo5.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo1.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo8.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo7_edited.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo6.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo9.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo12.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo11.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo13.jpg
ShowMeYourCan Promo14.jpg
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